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With just over 2 million people calling Cincinnati home this is a city brimming over with attractions that entertain and educate. It doesn’t matter in you are only coming into the city for a weekend of relaxation or plan a longer stay Cincinnati will never disappoint. The attractions in the city have something for both young and old.

For a fun day out no visitor to Cincinnati, especially if they are in the company of young children should miss out on the Cincinnati Zoo experience. Widely recognized as one of the premier zoos in the United States this zoo has been around for 140 years and is today an ultra modern example of what a zoo should be – a place where animals are comfortable and where the public can enjoy a day filled with excitement and educational opportunities.

For those who want a cultural and educational experience a visit to the Cincinnati Art Museum is highly recommended. The stately museum was established in 1881 and the collection of 65,000 works, including pieces by some of the most recognized international artists across the centuries is an absolute delight.

Paintings and sculpture by such masters as Botticelli, as well as more modern pieces by Monet and Picasso take pride of place and continue to attract hordes of visitors. This really is one of the jewels in the Cincinnati cultural crown.

For those who prefer their entertainment in the fresh air a visit to Eden Park will not disappoint. Two lakes, bicycle friendly paths and ample opportunity to explore on foot attracts large numbers of visitors who come to take in the fresh air and marvel at the magnificent views of the Ohio River. On the grounds one can also find the Krohn Conservatory which hosts magnificent butterfly shows which are sure to wow both young and old. The park is also home to the Cincinnati Art Museum which is well worth a visit.

The Findley Open Air Market is much loved by those who call the city home. Visitors would be remiss if they did not spend some time at the market. It is a venerable institution having been established in 1852 and the sheer variety of fresh produce, meats, fish, herbs, cheese, poultry and various small batch deli goods is a delight.

Cincinnati is a city that welcomes visitors with open arms and has a wide variety of attractions that make any visit a delight.